American Coaster Enthusiasts Mid-Atlantic Region

Coastin’ Through the Snow

In 2015, it was warm. That doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had. With sparkling lights filling up one of the most beautiful parks east of the Mississippi, there will be joy all around. From Santa’s Feast to ERT, we’ll be planning a fun day that will include shows, hot chocolate and more. We have also listened to your feedback and we are working on coinciding this event with Colonial Williamsburg’s Grand Illumination, to give guests a truly memorable weekend.

Celebrate America

The weekend will come to a great close, as we descend upon the park. There’s magic, scares, and thrills all packed into a day that you’ll surely love.

Fall Thrillfest

A crowd favorite, this event always comes with surprises. With rollbacks, wet weather, and more from last year’s event, we’re excited to see what will happen this year — ACE members are ride warriors, rain or shine!

ACE Night at the Virginia State Fair

We’re taking you the state fair, just around the corner from King’s Dominion. A new event this year, we’ll be riding everything this famed place has to offer, while stuffing our mouth with cotton candy and pizza.