The Crypt Is Sealed

by Elizabeth Ringas

Sad news from Kings Dominion… or is it? Last week Kings Dominion released the news that the Crypt will be removed before the 2020 season. It is a true loss of a ride that many loved, but ridership was low and dependability of operation had decreased significantly over the years. The Crypt is located in the Safari Village area of the park that housed Volcano: The Blast Coaster until its removal during the early months of the 2019 season. Maggie Sellers, Communications Manager, shares, “We recently announced on our blog that we will be removing the Crypt as we make room for future expansions. We’re sad to see this ride go after nearly 4 millions rides, but are excited for what the future holds for the park.”

A video recently released teases “Things are lurking in the jungle.” Guess we will have to keep our eyes open for more teasers. Stay tuned for hopes of exciting news for 2021 from Kings Dominion!

The Crypt appears at bottom center, in front of Volcano: The Blast Coaster, in this 2013 photo. Credit: Vanessa Thomas