The Day Without a Coaster

Attendees pose for a group photo in front of Fun Land of Fredericksburg’s new go-kart track, Thunder Speedway. (Credit: Elizabeth Ringas)

Who doesn’t dream of playing like a kid again? Fun Land of Fredericksburg offered 28 ACE members that feeling of euphoria and endless fun with no worries on Sunday, October 13th, while hosting Play Like A Kid, a follow-up event to Fall Thrillfest. Fun Land of Fredericksburg was recently recognized in 2nd place as the World’s Best FEC (family entertainment center) by Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards, so we knew a great day was ahead. But what to our wondering eyes, was a dark and quiet coaster when we arrived. The bad news was confirmed, the coaster had experienced a maintenance issue and was awaiting the arrival of a part from Italy, but the great news was that there is so much to do that we always run out of time.

Playing air hockey at Fun Land of Fredericksburg (Credit: Elizabeth Ringas)

With our all-we-can-ride-and-play wristband (at an amazing price by the way), we enjoyed the indoor attractions. including a clip-and-climb structure, bumper cars, mini bowling, and tons of video games. Attendees were seen battling on Mario Kart & Guitar Hero, playing air hockey, and riding a snowmobile together. When the clock struck noon, all the outdoor attractions opened! The queue was immediately full of anxious ACE members waiting to experience the new multi-level go-kart track, Thunder Speedway. Intermittent rain didn’t dampen our day because rides opened again once the rain stopped. Batting cages, a round-up, scrambler, and go-karts for younger children filled our short time until lunch was served.

Ready to race (Credit: Elizabeth Ringas)

All-you-can-eat pizza, wings, and fries satisfied this hungry group with lunch. Regional Rep Elizabeth Ringas welcomed all and awarded a few door prizes donated by Fun Land before General Manager (and co-host of our podcast, Ride With ACE) Clint Novak shared insight and future plans from behind the scenes at Fun Land.

To continue our behind-the-scenes look, Clint took us on a lights-on tour of the newest addition, Mortician’s ­­­Nightmare, a new maze in their Fright Land. Fright Land is a new expansion that tripled the haunted offerings. New this year is a large tented outdoor maze that takes guests into the depths of a Morticians Nightmare as well as a custom-designed escape room. The escape room is a great example of the creativity required of a small FEC to maximize revenue in a limited space because they adapted two party rooms into this dark and challenging game.

The evening concluded with another round of door prizes and a randomly drawn participant from the mini-golf tournament. Thank you to all who joined us and for the extreme hospitality that Fun Land of Fredericksburg offered ACE. If you are passing through Fredericksburg, Virginia, stop in and enjoy the ACE discount to catch a ride on Twist-n-Shout.

– Elizabeth Ringas