Halloween Spooks Bring New Features to Area Parks

Kings Dominion steps up the Haunt experience again this year! Haunt brings two new scare zones and three new shows. The experience is not just about new, but a new level. The elaborate costumes that we saw at Winterfest last year have been duplicated in their details and the elaborate makeup makes the immersion very realistic.

  • NEW SCARE ZONE: Masquerade
    Her Royal Highness, the evil Queen Majesty, has decided to throw a ball like none other as she lays claim to the lands of the living and the dead. In what is bound to be the most prestigious ball ever thrown, Majesty is out to prove once and for all that every person and demon will eagerly follow her plan for domination. Part party, part scare zone, guests are invited to mix and mingle with the height of the undead high society, and those 21 and older can dare to try the specialty cocktails. Be sure to grab a selfie with the Duke and Duchess, but beware, sometimes the mask is there for a reason.
  • NEW SCARE ZONE: Pumpkin Eater
    In the last years of the Revolution, Peter Armstrong was a pumpkin farmer living off a winding road in the quaint woods of Virginia. Some say the spirit of a dead soldier possessed him, and in an act of rage he murdered his wife with a bayonet. He hid her body inside one of his largest pumpkins, leaving her there to rot. Soon after, he started seeing apparitions of his wife with the face of a jack-o-lantern. His rage not subsided, Peter went on to murder other victims, burying them all in the patch. The evil spirit in his body began to morph him into a pumpkin-like creature. His victims, too, began to rise and now haunt these once-tranquil woods with their jack-o-lantern faces.
  • NEW SHOW: Blood Reign
    A new reign of terror is here, and the overthrow of the dark beings has begun. Queen Majesty has grown tired of the antics of her minion, Overlord, and has vowed to bring hellfire down upon his followers. This opening SCAREremony will take place every night of Halloween Haunt at 7 p.m.
  • NEW SHOW: Heads Will Roll
    Join Queen Majesty and her Royal Court as they behead, one by one, the most loyal of Overlord’s subjects. Sometimes the executions do not go quite as planned, but they always end in a raucous musical celebration as her court of singers and dancers Put a Spell on You in this grand Ballroom Blitz. When the clock strikes midnight, the Overlord will finally meet his fate as Majesty makes one final cut in what is sure to be The Greatest Show.

In total, guests will experience seven mazes, six scare zones, and a variety of live shows during Halloween Haunt, with more than 400 monsters roaming the midways. If monsters aren’t for you, grab a no-boo pass from a gift shop and avoid the walkways at 7 p.m. as the monsters descend. Kings Dominion offers an alternative route for each scare zone so you don’t have to be scared to ride.

Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream brings new treats for 2019. Howl-O-Scream is back at Busch Gardens for 2019! Recently vote in the top 10 of USA Today’s 10 Best Readers Choice Awards, the park has been transformed into a much scarier place, filled with haunted houses, escape rooms, and frightening shows. But this year, the scares don’t just start at the front gate. There will be roaming hoards that leave the park and might just be greeting you as you open your car door.

New this year is the return of Jack – the popular pumpkin-headed mascot of long ago. Jack has his own outdoor show in Ireland this year, as well as an all-new escape room where he is ready to challenge guests. Jack has also taken over the Vault and transformed it into the new maze for the year, filling it with countless other classic characters.

As in years past, there are six Terror-tories and two shows (Monster Stomp on Ripper Row and Night Beats: Revamped). Coaster “Creepers” will also be roaming about, following guests onto the coasters and giving them an extra scare. Howl-O-Scream will run on select days between now and October 27th, with scares starting at 6 p.m. -Luke Reynolds

Check out Luke’s visit at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNxq2vmdmko

Six Flags America Fright Fest has added an extra weekend! You can enjoy all the festivities through November 3rd. Fright Fest brings two new experiences to all your favorites. New this year: Medieval Mayhem scarezone and Curs3d musical. You’ll find that Curs3d is offered in two versions – a family-friendly version and an R-rated version. Check out the second when you visit without kids, because it is not just a change of language!

Medieval Mayhem scarezone: It’s all fun & games until darkness falls. Then hell is unleashed. We’ll take you back to a bygone era when technology was primitive and prehistoric creatures roamed the land. Laughter will fade away the moment you enter this land, and your hair will stand on end as creatures big and small come from every dark corner.

They crave the taste of flesh and blood. They haunt and torment the living – hoping to steal the souls of any who trespass into their land. Beware of the demented creatures called forth to devour your soul!

Curs3d! Two vampire slayers encounter more terror, more monsters and more blood than they bargained for when they return to Dracula’s lab to slay him in this all-new musical thriller.  You’ll be glued to your chair as an action-packed fight for survival ensues. Not everyone will survive. Come find out who gets slayed in the end!

Adventure Park USA brings a fun and educational family adventure during their Fall Festiv-ALL Each Saturday features a different festival, and the entire park has added extras. Special attraction for Fall Festiv-ALL include a straw maze, pumpkin patch, a Native American experience, tomahawk toss, a barnyard, and so much more.

You can purchase a ticket for just the fall extras or add on the rides and attractions too. You can even rent a fire pit for the day!

Fun Land of Fredericksburg – All new for 2019 is Fright Land at Fun Land! In prior years, the evening hours transformed the laser tag into a creative haunted attraction, but this year, you will find a full transformation. Fun Land was recognized as the second best family entertainment center in the world at the recent Golden Ticket ceremony presented by Amusement Today. Some may be wondering if this is a move to take first place next year!

This year features a total of three attractions: two mazes and an escape room. One of the mazes takes advantage of the large grass area in the outside area custom built just for Fright Lane. Fun Land has worked intently to offer a unique, complete experience with theming and lots of staff brought on just to scare you.

Attendees at this year’s ACE Mid-Atlantic event Play Like A Kid will get a look behind the scenes, so don’t miss out and register today. Registration is available through October 6th.

Fright Land operates Thursday, Friday, and Sunday nights through October 27th and is not designed for young children. Special passes are available during Fright Land and you can save by buying online before going.