Wild West Fun Day at Adventure Park USA

by Becky Brown

Wild West Fun Day group photo (Credit: Bill Griswold)

August 25, 2019, dawned a beautiful late summer day, not too hot but not too cold. Twenty-two American Coaster Enthusiasts descended on Adventure Park USA in New Market, Maryland. Attendees hailed from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. Once in the park, event attendees rode the three coasters: Wild West Express, Wildcat, and the Tumbleweed.

Wild West Fun Day attendees atop the Wild West Express lift hill (Credit: Carl Stieren)

An hour before lunch we waited in the picnic area to watch Al, Sam, and Luke ride the Sky Coaster.

However, sadly, it was down for scheduled maintenance. The group picture went off with a click before lunch. Then the American Catering Enthusiasts’ favorite time of day, lunch. Lunch consisted of hot dogs and hamburgers fresh off the grill, as well as mac & cheese, baked beans, watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies. The wind kicked up during lunch. Just as lunch was ending the wind took the last five pieces of watermelon right off the table and deposited them at Anne’s feet. Door prizes went to Silas, Danny, Melinda, and Becky.

Once lunch had ended Al, Sam, and Luke got their time to fly on the Sky Coaster as everyone watched.

Eric found the group at the pavilion and proceeded to guide us out of the backstage gate. Eric explained his new Fall Festival attraction coming on September 22 – October 21. He will have a four-acre pumpkin patch with hay ride, 150-foot-long zip lines (the longest in Maryland), bounce pillow, horse racing, pumpkin bowling, and Indian Village. Many of the enthusiasts showed excitement for this coming attraction.

Visiting the Adventure Park USA shop (Credit: Clint Novak)

Eric proceeded to take us over to the Wild West Express, where he invited each of us a chance to walk to the top of the 53-foot lift hill. After our lift hill walk, we were shuffled off into Eric’s new shop. He showed us his latest projects. A 12-bucket Ferris wheel is getting refurbished in the shop and will get a new life at Adventure Park. He plans to have it up in time for the fall festival. The kiddy pedal cars for the festival were also in the shop. Eric added that there will be adult pedal cars as well; however, they hadn’t arrived yet. The tour ended with just enough time to play Laser Tag to get our game on.

After the fantastic event at Adventure Park and the big Laser Tag game, the group broke up. Some headed home and some went back into the park to keep on riding!