Firebird Rises

Firebird rises at Six Flags America this summer! Firebird offers a new ride experience with the addition of a new B&M floorless coaster running on the track of Apocalypse, which was a reinstallation of Iron Wolf. Finding new life as a floorless coaster, it is exciting to see its continued operation of B&M’s first roller coaster. The new color scheme and logo breathe new life into this treasure with its firey red and orange track. The addition of a strike of fire near the end of the ride adds a perfect splash of theming and excitement as you prepare to roll into the brake run as well as a great visual from the nearby walkway.

As Six Flags America joins the new trend to convert the B&M stand-up coasters to floorless, we gain increased ridership, more rerides, better guest feedback and a more pleasant ride experience; this is all for a win for our local Six Flags park! Don’t hesitate to grab a ride in the back two rows, which received great reviews from ACE volunteers on media day.