Trimper’s Rides adds Zamperla Endevor for 2016 Season

Trimper Rides has announced their new Zamperla Endevor ride has passed Maryland State Inspection and is ready to ride.  The Zamperla Endeavor will replace the Chance Freakout.

According to the Zamperla website, the Endevor is inspired from an old classic, the execution of the new Zamperla’s Endevor took the premise of a now nostalgic yet exciting thrill ride combining it with cutting edge technology to introduce an updated version of a much beloved thrill ride.

While the original design provided three trailer loads Zamperla’s new patented load design comes comprehensive of a dual-stage lift mechanism that makes the need of the platform obsolete. Open air, suspended passenger vehicles give riders the sensation of flying sixty feet through the air at 25 miles per hour.  RGB LED light packages combined with the industrial look of the Endevor help to create a jaw-dropping attraction.